...about UniOne
The UniOne navigator provides a simplified system for accessing key parts of university websites. The navigator currently links to all the English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and Irish institutions of higher education.

From here the next step is to add Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa. Then the United States will be added after that (it is a big job).

From there institutions in non-english speaking countries will be added.

You can help this effort by supplying details (or updates to existing information) about institutions in the following format.

"Institution's Name"
    "Home Page","http://URL1",
    "University Structure","http://URL2",
    "Location Maps",,"http://URL6",
    "Students' Union","http://URL8",
    "Job Vacancies","http://URL9",
    "Staff Directory","http://URL10"

Once the southern hemisphere is represented a zip file of the necessary files for using this locally (no server scripts are involved so it can be run from any web browser without additional configuration - the real trick is getting all the data) will be available from here.

Email data or queries